Success Stories

Here are just two of many success stories

*Amy was a very troubled youth who spent many years of her childhood in and out of foster care. At the age of 14 she started doing drugs and became highly addicted. Through the help of our youth addictions program at Ray of Hope Amy was able to break her addiction and receive treatment to deal with the problems she was having in her life. Family and children services provided her with her own apartment and the addictions counselor’s referred her to Ray of Hope’s Youth Employment Services. Amy started in the employment program in August 2012.

Amy started out with high anxiety and found it very difficult to take direction. She became very angry under pressure and really struggled with her self esteem because of these issues. On many occasions Amy wanted to quit she did not feel like she could do the program. But through many conversations with Morning Glory staff and with the help of her addiction counselors that kept in contact with her she was able to overcome a lot of her barriers and Amy successfully graduated in February 2013. Amy completed First Aid/CPR, Safe Food Handling, Smart Serve and WHIMIS training.  Amy also completed several hours of life skills training.  Amy was very intelligent and her goal was to finish high school, she enrolled in St. Louis Learning Centre after she completed the employment program and she also found a part time job at another cafe. Amy is now a supervisor in a fast food restaurant and doing very well.  Her future goal is to become a youth support worker and come back to work for Ray of Hope.

*Mike entered the Ray of Hope Youth Employment Services Program in February 2013.  Mike was referred to us by our YRP program director Kent Taylor.  Kent had known Mike for a few years and had worked closely with Mike family.  Mike comes from a single parent home who struggles financially.  Mike got involved with street life at a very young age and by the time he was thirteen he was addicted to drugs.  He got into trouble with the law and was in and out of jail.  Mike dropped out of school very young and only completed grade 9.  Mike went into drug rehabilitation when he was 16 and recovered from his addictions.  Once Mike recovered he was determined to find work and support his mother and brothers.  Mike was finding it difficult to find work with his criminal history and that is what led him to Ray of Hope’s Employment program. 

Mike was highly successful in the Morning Glory Café at our Heffner location.  He learned skills in cooking, baking, customer service and cash handling.  Mike was excellent in the kitchen and he had a great personality and customers loved him.  Mike completed First Aid/ CPR training, Safe Food Handling, Smart Serve and WHIMIS training.  He also attended many hours of life skills training which helped him overcome many barriers to employment. 

Mike completed the Employment program in August 2013 and he transitioned immediately into full time work in an upscale restaurant in uptown Waterloo.  Mike is still employed full time and keeps in contact with us at Ray of Hope regularly.

* Names changed to respect privacy.

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